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Reaching Untapped Markets for Food Systems Change

3 Dec


Thought I’d leverage the #givingtuesday momentum and share students’ proposals for awareness -building platforms for food justice issues.

Who: Student teams in our Course Managing Creative Project Teams course in the Strategic Design + Management MS Program at the School of Design Strategies.

The Course Challenge: Students were tasked with innovating solutions for urban farms challenged by limited resources and low visibility.

Exhibits Overview: The exhibits listed below provide a glimpse into students’ collaborative design thinking processes in generating ideas and strategies for bridging gaps between city farmers and untapped social, cultural and economic capital.

Food 4 NYC
How can the city better leverage its infrastructure to promote healthy eating?

A Mobile Hydroponic Farm Cafe targeting underserved communities that actually generates revenue.

Urban Farming NY
What if there were an economic development organization specifically serving small urban farmers?

Fashion Fresh
How could the fashion industry leverage its vast cultural and economic capital in advancing food sustainability?

Subscribers to urban farms benefit from secret exclusive parties throughout the City.

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