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By Any Other Name… Design Thinking as a Framework for Strategic Innovation

26 Oct

This post was written for colleagues newly minted in Design Thinking Methodology. Enjoy!

By Any Other Name… Design Thinking as a Framework for Strategic Innovation

I imagine that the confusion and ongoing debate on the efficacy of design thinking is simply a messaging issue. Perhaps the key takeaway should be to employ design thinking and jugaad innovation methodologies when needed, but determine the language that best suits your firm (just call it something other than design thinking) and over time work to embed them as core values.


design thinking process

The articles below offer case studies in innovation across several firms. They are essentially employing design thinking methodology (although not explicitly described as such).

Key themes throughout both articles include Empathy/human-centeredness, ideation , cross pollinating (with specialists, decision-makers and customers) flexible incremental transitions (prototypes). – with brief case studies of world’s most successful and profitable firms, recession-resilient firms (Google, Apple, 3M, Proctor and Gamble*) as well as firms in emerging economies (employing “Jugaad” Innovation, which includes the principle of “good enough will do”, as taught through Eric Reis’ minimal viable product in LeanStartup ).

The Global Innovation 1000: Making Ideas Work

Change This Manifesto : Rebooting Amercia’s Innovation Engine

Indy Johar – Global Hub Network
(includes case studies of integrative thinking in problem solving)