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Fund Development Tips

19 Jun

I had a few minutes to develop a concise fund development guide  for an upcoming workshop, which inspired me to share some key take aways on the blog. Working with social entrepreneurship start ups and traditional non profits over the past few years, it’s as if fund development work should have it’s own R & D division. Thinking back, I think the following sums up what has worked for my colleagues and me:

  • Research the funder , their circles, their board, their donors, their values, and long term goals for their institution
  • Network with them, at conferences and events they sponsor , events sponsored by their donors
  • Cultivate Relationships, invite the the funder to your site, pre-grant cycle and;
  • Demonstrate the Capacity  and Competencies of your organization as well as alignment of goals and approaches
  • Differentiate your approach from other organizations in your field illustrate how your model or procduct is unique or special

and when you do recieve funding, continue work at sustaining the relationship to ensure future opportunities

  • Deliver on your proposed outcomes, stay in touch if you run into setbacks and;
  • Nurture and Reciprocate – Volunteer to serve on a committee, mentor a new grantee, or present at their conference.

it won’t all happen overnight (although in extremely rare cases it verywell could) but this seems to be the formula. Try it out and report back. the next post will contridict contradict this one, so stay tuned…