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Questions on the Politics of Geoengineering

3 Jun

As climate scientists increasingly converge towards “a too little to late” consensus regarding global climate change, several climate altering geoengineering measures are being proposed to abate warming and sequester excess carbon dioxide and hopefully sustain the planet for human livability.

sun-reflecting aerosol particles are sprayed into the the atmosphere

Sun-reflecting aerosol particles are sprayed into the the atmosphere, image by Popular Mechanics

The following chart outlines potential political issues for a global Solar Radiation Management across the research/development/implementation spectrum. I wonder about moral and ethical issues across the supply chain.  For instance if these are capital projects with private investments how would issues of labor/ wages, raw material extraction, mineral mining, waste disposal and so forth be handled?  Who will own the technology, which nation, which corporation, international body? United Nations? Monsanto? Halliburton?

Blackrock 2010

Blackrock 2010

How will we in the U.S. maneuver around the ebbs and flows of our  centrist, conservative and leftist control (or haggling) in  congress and make sound decisions in partnership with other nations?

Ahem, Kyoto protocol.

Though…On second thought, climate change deniers, while rallying against renewable energy and sustainability measures are actually in support of U.S-led geoengineering endeavors, which pundits attribute to a presumption of power and control that the ownership of a global climate altering endeavor – indeed a frightening thought.

Acme lab rats try to take over the world

Looney Tune Acme lab rats Pinky and the Brain try to take over the world