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Voyeurism I

21 Feb

By Anasa Scott

As a long time freelance writer, mostly non -profit and education stuff, I hardly get to write for creative projects. An designer, artist friend recently drafted me in writing a proposal for his project and I found this work immensely rewarding and inspiring, just a good deal of fun. I can’t wait until he’s ready to share some of what we’ve been working on.

So in an effort to keep those creative sauces simmering I am challenging myself to complete at least one hour writing session each day and post something each month no matter what. So Here’s a little a poem, song, lyric for ya:

Voyeurism I (so now I must write a second one at least, we’ll see).

By Anasa Scott


By barely noticeable patterns in rocks, flecks of metal this of fossilized that

In striking contrasting leaves dull forest greens against bright and luminous crimsony oranges petals.

Spirals, patterns, shapes, vectors: invoking African and Mediterranean eguns, chi or sprits

Is where math has its hold on me, begins unveils its cloak of secrets translated by deceased foreign tongued

pirates of God’s recipes

these too- curious voyeurs

much like me

…well except I am not a mathematcian, nor scientist of any sort and while excited by stats and figures never really excelled in stats analysis but have vowed to return to the practice one day.

The images below (photographed by me on my iphone mostly in San Francisco) best describe the confluence of subjects that occupy my mental space at the moment. I hope you can derive pleasure from them as well.

photo-11 photo-12


Enjoy! ##