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Nature as Mentor

22 Jan

By Anasa Scott


” One of the beauties of biology is that its facts become our metaphors”

—  Kenny Ausubel, Nature’s Operating System 

As of late I’ve been thinking a lot about how biological metaphors are used to frame and evaluate social and economic issues. So, I recently re-read an all time favorite Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken.

In biology, posits Hawken “every species is put to work, there is full employment.“- come on, how brilliant is that. I’m forwarding a copy to Washington D.C. as we speak. By the way wtf does “natural unemployment” mean. –  Anywho,  Hawken describes the immune system as the most diverse in the human body with a balanced blend and harmonious interaction between bacteria, cells, proteins working in-sync to ward off and destroy infection. Problems occur when there is an imbalance, over dominance of certain cells and/or suppression of helpful bacteria.

From an arts and design perspective, Klaus Krippendorff’s Semantic Turn interestingly frames artifacts (or man made things) as species that interact in cooperation, in competition or are in parasitic relationships.
The automobile envisioned as species, there it is.
Thoughts? ###